Wihtberht 2 (Male) Abbot; companion of Bishop l vii

Factoid List

Recorded Name (3)
Uictberct (1)
 Bede.HE  v.9
Uuibert (1)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1023
Wictberctus (1)
 Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4
Personal Information (6)
moral (2)
 Bede.HE  v.9 (remarkable for his contempt of this world)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1022 (a companion suitable [for Ecgberht 6] in his personal qualities and habits)
reputation (1)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1032 (He remained widely famous)
saintly status (3)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1023-4 (outstanding in all his religious practice)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1031-2 (He became famous for his miracles and in the manner of a prophet saw many future events)
 Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4 (venerfable man)
Education (1)
 remarkable for his learning: Bede.HE  v.9
Office (2)
Abbot (1)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1026-30
Priest (1)
 Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4
Occupation (2)
Anchorite (1)
 Bede.HE  v.9
Missionary (1)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1023 and cf. 1011-13
Status (3)
Companion (1)
 Alcuin.VersEubor  1022-3
Exile (2)
 Bede.HE  v.9
 Bede.HE  v.9
Personal Relationship (1)
Wihtberht 2 Companion (General relationship) of ~ (1)
 of Ecgberht 6: Bede.HE  v.9
Event (8)
Church/monastery/minster foundation/dedication/restoration (1)
 Wihtberht 2.building of enclosure for monks (Anonymi 1133): Wihtberht 2 built an outstanding enclosure for monks (Anonymi 1133) of his people.: Alcuin.VersEubor  1026-30
Death/dying (1)
 Wihtberht 2.death: Wihtbert 1 reached the joys of the heavenly life.: Alcuin.VersEubor  1033
Journey (2)
 Ecgberht 6-Wihtberht 2.withdrawal to Ireland: Each of them [sc. Ecgberht 6 and Wihtberht 2] withdrew to Ireland.: Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4
 Willibrord 1.journey to Ireland: Willibrord 1 went in a swift journey to Ireland.: Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4
Mission/mission-sending (1)
 Wihtberht 2.preaching in Frisia: Wihtberht 2 spent two whole years preaching in Frisia.: Bede.HE  v.9
Pastoral activities/preaching (1)
 Wihtberht 2.preaching in Frisia: Wihtberht 2 spent two whole years preaching in Frisia.: Bede.HE  v.9
Solitary life, choosing; becoming anchorite/hermit (3)
 Ecgberht 6-Wihtberht 2.adoption of solitary life: There [sc. in Ireland] they [sc. Ecgberht 6 and Wihtberht 2] daily spent [their time] in a solitary existence.: Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4
 Wihtberht 2.separation from Ecgberht 6 to lead solitary contemplative life: Wihtberht 2 separated from Ecgberht 6 to live a contemplative life in strict solitude.: Alcuin.VersEubor  1024-5
 Willibrord 1.association with [Ecgberht 6 and Wihtberht 2]: [Willibrord 1] joined himself in the intimacy of the aforementioned fathers [sc. Ecgberht 6 and Wihtberht 2].: Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  4